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  • Bahamas


    sailing school

    We are extremely grateful for your generous support. Thank you so much for helping us to make a great difference in the lives of young Bahamians.

    Lori Lowe

    President, BNSS

    BNSS School Program has enrolled students from 38 public / private schools and has done a wonderful job of teaching Bahamian youth the sport and discipline of sailing. Some students did not know how to swim, some had never been in a boat! Sailing has now become integrated into many of the schools’ sports curriculum with 80 or more students participating each year. The Summer Sailing Camp holds 140 students, 65% of which are under served youth from government schools. The fees for all the under served youth are sponsored by funds from the BCGF. Of the 18 sailing instructors, 5 were government school students.


    In October, 2019, the BNSS hosted the Optimist North American Championships which brought 120 young sailors from 22 countries to Nassau for this very competitive annual regatta. It was an honor to be selected to host this prestigious event and BNSS rose to the challenge in a remarkable and commendable manner.


    Financial support from BCGF came at a time of great need. Over the past 3 years this support has enabled BNSS to replace old boats/equipment and expand their boat fleet/equipment significantly, support the government school programs and helped BNSS to host the 2019 Opti North American Championships.

  • FOCUs

    Lyford Cay


    With your donation, Bahamas Charitable Giving Foundation has provided access to new frontiers. You have opened doors once considered shut. You have helped pave a path to new horizons broached and dreams realized. We thank you for sharing our vision for all Bahamians to realize their full potential through education.
    Felicity Humblestone,
    Executive Director

    Forward, Onward to College, Upward to Success.    =.    FOCUSFOCUS is an out-of-school-time, tuition-free enrichment programme aimed at preparing public school students of demonstrated potential and need for college readiness and access. Students begin the programme the summer after Grade 4, and are supported throughout their school career. Our expectation is that they will eventually become the first generation in their family to achieve post-secondary education.

    FOCUS also supports teachers in training. The majority of interns are University of The Bahamas (UB), School of Education majors, who will eventually be teaching in the country’s public school system.

    Our programmes are designed to yield palpable, long-term results. Each programme is aimed at providing learning opportunities for Bahamian children, young adults, families, and communities who will benefit the most.

    FOCUS serves 300 students in grades 5 through 12 and employs more than 30 part-time staff, in the form of interns, coaches, counselors and team leaders.

  • nassau



    We are thrilled that our various rowing programs are really taking off. BCGF is a huge part of this success. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support. We would not be where we are today without your kindness and generosity.
    Michelle Stanhope
    Board Member

    The Nassau Rowing Club is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with the Mission to create an opportunity for all Bahamians to learn the sport of Rowing right here in The Bahamas. The Club offers programs for all; from beginner to elite, from youth to master, from summer camps to year round. Many Bahamian elite rowers train out of the Club and compete internationally in the Olympics and other World Championships.

    The newest endeavor is developing an after school program offered free of charge to Government School students. The pilot program with C.R. Walker High School has been very successful and programs with other schools are being developed.

    Such programs with more government and private schools will lead the way to incorporating rowing into school athletic programs and to interschool regattas.

    Grants from BCGF has enabled the Nassau Rowing Club to accomplish the following: 

    • Government schools program with transport free of charge

    • Youth Olympic Trials

    • Private lessons for unique needs athlete

    • Expand fleet of rowing shells

    • Upgrade equipment and facilities

  • Pathfinder


    Thank you for supporting the Pathfinder Club. I
    thank God every day for
    the positive influence this club has made in my grand daughters’ outlook
    towards life.
    Pathfinder Grandmother

    A local community group in the rough and underserved Kemps Road area that operate under the international Pathfinders organization to save children from being lost to the streets and help them “find their path” to a better life.

    The Pathfinder Club is a local, non-profit, community group in the underserved Kemps Road area of Nassau where there are many at risk youth. It operates under the highly respected international Pathfinder organization to save children from being lost to the streets and help them “find their path” to a better life.


    The co-directors are Dr. Flloyd Carter and his wife, Anastasia. Dr. Carter is a medical doctor who credits Pathfinder with keeping him from the streets and finding his direction in life. Other persons on the Board who work with the children include teachers, a nurse and a Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commander.


    Pathfinder is one of the largest uniformed youth organizations in The Bahamas. This Club is located on Parkgate Road in the Kemp Road community of Nassau. They presently have 34 registered children ranging in age from 4 – 16 and meet weekly. With support from BCGF the Club launched a marching Drum Corps in 2018. While some pathfinders have gone off to medical training and nursing, the Club found others were having reading difficulties. Those with reading difficulties have since been connected with Project READ Bahamas (another recipient of BCGF support) to learn better reading skills.

  • Project



    We are very grateful for the support of our many sponsors without whom our work could not continue.

    Project Read is a free, confidential service where adult students learn to read and write.  Project Read has already increased the literacy levels of over two thousand Bahamians in the past ten years.. 


    The purpose of Project Read Bahamas is to enable individuals to acquire the listening, speaking and reading skills they need to solve the problems they encounter in daily life: to take full advantage of opportunities in their environment and to participate fully in the positive transformation of their Society.


    HOMES for


    To offer our children a place where they can feel safe and secure, but moreover, to provide a place that they can call a home.

    Since 1959 the Ranfurly Homes for Children have provided a safe, structured home for hundreds of Bahamian children who have been orphaned, abused, neglected or abandoned. It is the only private, non-affiliated children’s home in The Bahamas and is one of the largest.


    Ranfurly has achieved national acclaim and respect for the comprehensive child care provided which includes; private psychiatric care and counseling, socialization and a strong emphasis on education. There are many wonderful Ranfurly graduate success stories.


    Because students are required to leave the present Ranfurly structure at the age of 18, Ranfurly has had plans to build Transitional Housing called the “STEP Program” that will serve to “transition” graduates into society.


    BCG Foundation has supported the Ranfurly Homes general operation for several years. Recent major funding from BCG Foundation has enabled the long awaited Transitional Home the “STEP Program” to become a reality. The first of numerous pods was built and officially opened in 2019. Additional pods will be built as funds become available.

  • the



    It is amazing to have your continued, major support for our outreach programs that engage and improve the lives of Bahamian youth.
    Chris Maxey, Founder

    The Island School was started on the island of Eleuthera as a destination for US students to learn and experience the Bahamian out island ecosystems. It has evolved into much more becoming totally integrated into the life of Eleuthera, promoting educational and practical learning, sustainability and community outreach

    BCG Foundation provides financial support for the following programs:

      A unique opportunity for Bahamian students to develop their interests in the social, environmental and economic stability of their island nation. Successful applicants participate in a 14 week rigorous academic semester at the Island School. Then a 4 month paid internship working for a Bahamian environmental conservation-related organization. 38 Bahamians have to date completed the BESS Program.

      In The Bahamas and much of the world where there is high incidence of single mothers, absentee fathers, overburdened education system young men are overrepresented in jail, unemployment and substance abuse. In the last 5 years only 37 % of the young men on Eleuthera graduate from high school. This 5 year mentorship program starting in grade 8 centers around core values and teaches; value of education, conflict resolution, confidence, leadership skills and community outreach.

      This is a paid 6 week summer program offering students to apprentice directly with Island School staff and learn marketable skills. Every week there are professional development workshops on such topics as; behavior, communication, professionalism, conflict resolution and financial management.

  • Youth Empowerment

    Through Soccer International

    I am really proud of myself because I am the first one in my whole family and village where I live to go away to boarding school and try to better my life more. I just want to say thank you.
    YESI student athlete

    Founded in 2011 by a Bahamian who played professional soccer in the U.S., YESI’s mission is to inspire and motivate the youth of the Bahamas through playing organized sport. YESI is an organization that works within several disadvantaged communities providing structured coaching, mentoring and academic support for all who wish to attend. 


    All of the student athletes are required to spend as much time being tutored academically as they spend practicing soccer. To stay in the program, they must also maintain a certain grade point average in their school education.


    Scholarships are awarded to the most committed to attend private schools in an effort to better their future. Over the past 4 years YESI has provided 14 of its student athletes with private school scholarships. A huge accomplishment was achieved in 2019. 3 of their student athletes started attendance at the Darlington Boarding School in Georgia which is one of the top soccer academies in the U.S.. Darlington also has a 100% success rate in placing their student athletes into University soccer programs.

  • Bahamas




    Thank you for helping us keep the Discovery Club going!
    Lyn Gape
    Deputy Executive Director, BNT

    The Bahamas National Trust was established in 1959 by an Act of Parliament as a statutory organization and mandated with the responsibility and authority to build and manage the Bahamas National Park System. Its Mission is to conserve and protect the natural resources of The Bahamas.


    Discovery Club was started in 1995 as a merit based educational program of the BNT where students earn merit badges for their learning and achievements. Presently, there are 74 individual school clubs that have 1,500 students 7-18 years old enrolled in the clubs on 10 Bahamian Islands. This is an excellent program that through hands-on education has brought about a major positive change in attitude and perception of a generation of Bahamian Youth.

  • Eleuthera Basketball Tournament


    The Eleuthera Invitational Basketball Tournament was started in 2010 to bring Family Island high school athletes together to improve their abilities, foster friendships and identify students for potential college scholarships. Eleven schools from 4 major islands are invited.

  • special



    Special Olympics Bahamas provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olymipc-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.



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