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Bahamas National Sailing School

BNSS School Program has enrolled students from 38 public / private schools and has done a wonderful job of teaching Bahamian youth the sport and discipline of sailing. Some students did not know how to swim, some had never been in a boat! Sailing has now become integrated into many of the schools’ sports curriculum with 80 or more students participating each year. The Summer Sailing Camp holds 140 students, 65% of which are under served youth from government schools. The fees for all the under served youth are sponsored by funds from the BCGF. Of the 18 sailing instructors, 5 were government school students.

In October, 2019, the BNSS hosted the Optimist North American Championships which brought 120 young sailors from 22 countries to Nassau for this very competitive annual regatta. It was an honor to be selected to host this prestigious event and BNSS rose to the challenge in a remarkable and commendable manner.

Financial support from BCGF came at a time of great need. Over the past 3 years this support has enabled BNSS to replace old boats/equipment and expand their boat fleet/equipment significantly, support the government school programs and helped BNSS to host the 2019 Opti North American Championships.



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