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IDEA Relief

IDEA Relief began in response to the devastation of hurricane Dorian (2019) and was responsible for coordinating the evacuation of over 600 people on private vessels from Abaco's mainland & cays during a 3-day period in early September 2019. In addition to evacuations, IDEA facilitated medical support, search & rescue transport, and supply chain logistical support for the Government of The Bahamas, NGO's, and private citizens in the impacted areas of Abaco. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Abaco residents were already struggling to recover from the hurricane, with loss of jobs and tourism. A unique public/private partnership - the National Food Distribution Task Force - was established. IDEA Relief became the Zone Leader for Abaco and distributed food to over 12,000 persons per week for 70 weeks.

One of their many projects, and the one BCGF supports, is their Marine Debris Program. This program hires local youth, teaches them SCUBA, provides all the dive equipment, safety equipment, and tools including boats and cranes to clean out the harbours and waterways of hurricane debris including cars, trucks, sunken boats, parts of buildings, ect.



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