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Ranfurly Homes for Children

Since 1959 the Ranfurly Homes for Children have provided a safe, structured home for hundreds of Bahamian children who have been orphaned, abused, neglected or abandoned. It is the only private, non-affiliated children’s home in The Bahamas and is one of the largest.

Ranfurly has achieved national acclaim and respect for the comprehensive child care provided which includes; private psychiatric care and counseling, socialization and a strong emphasis on education. There are many wonderful Ranfurly graduate success stories. Because students are required to leave the present Ranfurly structure at the age of 18, Ranfurly has had plans to build Transitional Housing called the “STEP Program” that will serve to “transition” graduates into society.

BCG Foundation has supported the Ranfurly Homes general operation for several years. Recent major funding from BCG Foundation has enabled the long awaited Transitional Home the “STEP Program” to become a reality. The first of numerous pods was built and officially opened in 2019. Additional pods will be built as funds become available.



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