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Founded in 2011 by a Bahamian who played professional soccer in the U.S., YESI’s mission is to inspire and motivate the youth of the Bahamas through playing organized sport. YESI is an organization that works within several disadvantaged communities providing structured coaching, mentoring and academic support for all who wish to attend.

All of the student athletes are required to spend as much time being tutored academically as they spend practicing soccer. To stay in the program, they must also maintain a certain grade point average in their school education.

Scholarships are awarded to the most committed to attend private schools in an effort to better their future. Over the past 4 years YESI has provided 14 of its student athletes with private school scholarships. A huge accomplishment was achieved in 2019. 3 of their student athletes started attendance at the Darlington Boarding School in Georgia which is one of the top soccer academies in the U.S.. Darlington also has a 100% success rate in placing their student athletes into University soccer programs.



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